Christmas at Caffi Cwtch Wrexham

Christmas at Caffi Cwtch Wrexham

We don’t know about you but we are starting to really feel winter creeping in. The heating has been officially turned up and all of the Caffi Cwtch team have started arriving in their seasonal woollies.

For us, the changing of the seasons can really only mean one thing. Food. And not just any food, we want food that gives you a warm hug when you eat it, which let’s face it everyone needs through these upcoming months.

That’s why we have made sure our seasonal menu has everything your heart desires on a winter’s day. Whether it’s wetter than an otters pocket or throwing a blizzard outside, we have the perfect dish to warm you up.

First thing first. Breakfast. On cold winter mornings there is nothing quite like starting the day off with the right sort of fuel. Our menus have always had a nice balance of meat and veggie dishes but (and you can call us bias) our breakfasts really do surpass all expectations. From full Welsh to full on vegetarian, we have it all. We are talking award winning pork and leek sausages to potato and laverbread cake. What did we tell you? We have it all.

That’s one of the great things about dishes that are freshly prepared; most of them can be adapted for most dietary requirements.

Let’s talk pies.

A dish that is getting plenty of positive feedback is our Orchard Pigs Steak and Ale Pie. We’re not about messing around with this dish – buttery pastry, succulent steak served with mash potatoes and seasonal veg.

Of course, if you would prefer something a little different, we can always recommend a dish or two. Here’s a rundown of the Caffi Cwtch team’s favourite dishes. The platter of prawns with chilli mango, coconut and sweet chilli is the perfect starter or light bite being fresh and a little sweet at the same time. The homemade scotch eggs studded with black pudding and served with salsa, pita chips and yogurt dressing is a funky twist on a classic dish. And our platter of Welsh tapas is sure to keep you full until teatime. For pudding, you could try one of our huge wedges of freshly made cake (now those are a hug on a plate).

Plus, then there are the old favourites. You know the ones: fish and chips, baked potatoes, fresh sandwiches and afternoon tea.

See. What did we tell you? Something for everyone.

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